Diocese of Long Island

Bishop Larry Provenzano

Welcome to the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island


You will quickly discover by exploring our website that the Diocese of Long Island is a vastly diverse and holy community of people and ministries that strive to bring people into relationship with Jesus Christ and each other and to serve the needs of all of God's people.


We are organized into four Archdeaconries representing the four counties of the diocese - Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk.


Each Archdeaconry is responsible for the formation of regional mission strategies in consultation and in concert with the ministries of the diocese as a whole, which includes parishes, missions, schools and health care organizations serving an area from the Brooklyn Bridge to Montauk Point.

We are truly blessed by a great variety of people who are open, welcoming and eager to serve Christ in all persons.


I pray that as you visit the many sections of our website you will be encouraged to join or visit one of our parishes and seek to discern your place in this wonderful diocese known as "the dominion in the sea."




Bishop Larry Provenzano