Diocese of Long Island

  Diocese Committees and Commissions  
The Rt. Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano, D.D
Email: lprovenzano@dioceseli.org  
Robert Fardella, Esq.
Email: fardella@optonline.net  
The Rev. Karen D. M. Davis-Lawson
Email: revkdl@gmail.com  
Ronald O. Cole
Email: eloc@optonline.net  
Registrar and Diocesan Archivist
Charles Egleston
Email: cegleston@dioceseli.org  
The Very Rev. John E. Walker III
Email: xchurchbellport@verizon.net  
The Rev. Karen D. M. Davis-Lawson, Secretary of the Convention
(718) 721-5154


Ivette Fernandez-Guzman, Administrative Coordinator of Diocesan Convention & Council (516) 248-4800
x 128
The role of Diocesan Council is to carry out the program and policies adopted by the Diocesan Convention. The Diocesan Council is in charge of the unification, development, and prosecution of the work of the Church in this Diocese. It is the program planning and policy-making body between sessions of the Convention. The Diocesan Council meets monthly.
The Very Rev. Cn. Glenworth D. Miles
Email stgeorgeschurch1869@yahoo.com
(718) 789-6036
The Standing Committee duties include, but are not limited to, acting as the Council of Advice to the Bishop with respect to matters involving the National Canons, Diocesan Canons, and ecclesiology, consenting to the election of Bishops, recommending to the Bishop ordinations to the Priesthood and to the Diaconate, recommending to the Bishop acceptances of candidates for Holy Orders, consenting to the encumbrance or alienation of property, and acting as the Ecclesiastical Authority in the absence of the Bishop. The Standing Committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month, except July and August.


The Cathedral of the Incarnation in the Diocese of Long Island, Inc.
The Rev. Canon Bruce D. Griffith ThD, Canon for Cathedral Administration and Development
(516) 746-2955
The members of the governing board of the Cathedral Corporation (the Cathedral Chapter) manage the estate, properties and affairs of the Cathedral Corporation, including the Cathedral of the Incarnation and its appurtenances in the Diocese in accordance with the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Church, and other Cathedral foundations, schools, facilities, and other religious or charitable works as may be properly connected therewith in and for the Diocese. The Board meets regularly throughout the year.
Episcopal Ministries of Long Island, Inc.
Mary Beth Welsh, Director of Resource Development
516 248-4800 x124
The Board of Directors of Episcopal Ministries of Long Island has the responsibility for raising endowment and operating funds and disposing of such funds to meet the health and social service needs identified by the Diocese. The Board of Directors oversee the management of the annual appeal and its relationships with other fund-raising bodies of the Church in the Diocese. The Board meets monthly except for July and August.
The George Mercer Jr. Memorial School of Theology
The Rev. Dr. John P. McGinty, Canon for Formation
and Dean of the Mercer School
516 248-4800 x137
The Board of Trustees of the Mercer School of Theology is responsible for implementing programs of theological education for clergy and laity under the direction of the Bishop of the Diocese. The Board oversees the management of the Mercer School of Theology and its relationships with other religious educational bodies of the Church and in the Diocese. The Board meets quarterly except July and August.
The Trustees of the Estate Belonging to the Diocese of Long Island, Inc.
Dr. Frederick Gerbracht, Vice President
516 652-8350
The Trustees' duties include, but are not limited to, the acquisition, holding, management, and disposition of the assets (both real and personal) of the Diocese for the uses and purposes of the Diocese, the establishment and management of the trust funds and reserves of the Diocese in order to preserve capital and to provide income to the Trustees and to the various Diocesan Corporations, Diocesan Units, and other institutions of the Diocese, the acquisition, finance, investment, and trust management needs of the Diocese, and the investment and disposition of all such assets, properties, and funds as may be necessary or desirable to meet the financial needs identified by the Diocese. The Trustees meet quarterly on the fourth Tuesday of March, June, September and December.
The Board of Managers of Camp DeWolfe, Inc.
David Cannon, Secretary
631) 231-4817
The Board is responsible for supervision over the program and policies of the Camp DeWolfe operations. The Board meets monthly.


The Board of Managers of Episcopal Health Services
The Rt. Rev. Lawrence C. Provenzano, President
516 248-4800 x130
Episcopal Health Services of Long Island is recognized as a Diocesan institution.
The Board is appointed annually by the Bishop, whose duty is to prepare and present to the Convention a digest of all reports relating to Episcopal Health Services and other benevolent institutions of the Church.


Committee on Archives  
Charles Egleston, Registrar
516 248-4800 x139
The responsibility of the Committee on Archives is to act as custodians of all journals, files, papers, reports, and other documents which shall become the property of the Convention. All Parishes, Missions, societies, and organizations of the Diocese may deliver into the hands of the Committee on Archives all papers, documents, and books of historic interest and value. Whenever a Parish or Mission shall be declared extinct, or dissolved, the Charters, Registers, and other papers and records must be delivered to the Committee on Archives. Safekeeping deposit for all such matters are located in the Diocesan House.
Audit Committee  
Ron Cole, Convener
631 472-5431
The Audit Committees duties are as follows:

(a) ) act as advisor to the Diocesan Council, the Trustees of the Estate, and such Diocesan Corporations in the selection, engagement, and relationship with their respective independent auditors;

(b)) review the draft audit reports, meet with the auditors and designated representatives of the various bodies, and issue to those bodies appropriate comments and recommendations as to the audit reports, prior to the acceptance by the Council, the Trustees of the Estate, or such Diocesan Corporations of their annual audited financial statements;

(c) submit to the Annual Convention a written report of its activities during the preceding year for publication in the Pre-convention Journal; and

(d) monitor compliance with any procedures and safe harbors set out in or related to Internal Revenue Code section 4958, excess benefit transactions, or in New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation Law Section 715, interested directors.
Commission on Ministry  
The Rev. Canon Joseph Pae, Chair  
The Commission assists baptized persons in their own discernment process and makes all reports required by the National Canons on the conduct and evaluation of the examination of persons for Holy Orders and provides for the continuing education of the clergy.
The Disciplinary Board  
The Very Rev. Lawrence DeLion
There shall be a Disciplinary Board, which shall perform such duties and exercise such authority, as may from time to time, be prescribed by the Diocesan or National Canons, including but not limited to the issuance or refusal to issue, Presentments to the Ecclesiastical Trial Court.
Committee on Canons  
The Ven. Canon John E. Madden, Chair
The duties of the Committee on Canons are to consider and report on all matters appearing in the Pre-convention Journal or introduced in Convention referred to it by the Bishop.
Committee on Dispatch of Business  
Ms. Sharon Brown-Veillard
The duties of the Committee on the Dispatch of Business are to arrange and facilitate the manner of conducting the business of Convention. The Committee is always entitled to the floor of Convention on business pertaining to that Committee.
Committee on Miscellaneous Business  
The Rev. Michael Ralph, Chair
631 288-2111
The duties of the Committee on Miscellaneous Business are to consider and report on all matters appearing in the Pre-convention Journal or introduced in Convention referred to it by the Bishop. The Committee will receive and consider all resolutions except resolutions on matters coming under the purview of an appropriate Committee or Commission of Convention, and except resolutions of Committees accompanying Committee reports recommending action of the Convention. The Committee on Miscellaneous Business then submits its report to the Convention recommend¬ing the adoption or rejection of each resolution proposed, or the adoption of any such resolution as amended or substituted by such Committee.
Committee on Voter Qualification  
The Rev. Karen D.M. Davis-Lawson
The duties of the Committee on Voter Qualifications are to consider and report on all matters pertinent to the qualifications of Delegates and Parishes wishing to have the right to vote at Convention. Prior to the opening of Convention it shall examine all audit certificates, parochial reports, delegate certificates, and the like in order to make recommendations to the Convention as to the right of any Delegate or Parish wishing to have a right to vote at Convention. The Committee on Voter Qualifications shall submit its report to the Convention recommend¬ing the seating or rejection of each Delegate or Parish wishing to have the right to vote at Convention to the extent such is permitted by the Canons of the Church or of this Diocese.


Black Clergy Caucus
The Rev. Karen Davis-Lawson
718 721-5154
Companion Diocese Committee
The Very Rev. P. Allister Rawlins
516 483-2771
Commission on Liturgy and Church Music
The Rev. Michael Delaney
516 746-2955
Episcopal Asiamerican Ministry (EAM) Commission
The Rev. Paul Lai, Convener
718 592-2555
Hispanic Commission
The Rev. Joseph Jerome, Chair
718 784-8031