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Diocese Office of Administration
  (issues pertaining to Parochial Reports, Audits, Vestry Resources)  
Fran Monaco
(516) 248-4800 x145
Canonical Reporting Requirements
Reporting Deadlines for 2014 Diocesan Convention:
> 2013 parochial report forms mailed to parishes December 2013. Filing deadline: March 1, 2014
> 2013 audit certificates emailed to clergy-in-charge and vestries January 2014. Filing deadline: September 1, 2014
  Parochial Reports
  Audit Certificates
Resources for Vestries/Bishop's Committees
  Bishop's Policy for Missions and Aided Parishes
  Annual Vestry Update Form
  The Vestry Resource Guide
Episcopal Church Foundation, 80 pgs, $12.00
  Vestry Manual (6th edition, 2009)
  The Vestry Handbook Third Revised Edition, Christopher L. Webber
978-0-8192-2439-2 $16.00 136 pgs 5.5 X 8.5 Morehouse Publishing
  Top Ten Resources for Vestries
  Non-Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Policy
  Normas de la Política del Acoso Sexual
Diocesan Holiday Schedule 2014 through 2017
For additional hard copies, please contact Fran Monaco
Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Long Island plus the Rules of Order
(as revised January 2013)
   • Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church, USA
Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs
Diocesan Requirements in Order to Lease, Mortgage or Sell Real Property in the Diocese of Long Island
List of Treasurers To Whom Offerings Should Be Sent
Standing Resolutions of the Diocesan Convention
The Religious Corporations Law of New York State
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